Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I leave an open check?

No, all of your fees must be paid prior to participation in your horse show events.

If I leave early, can I be refunded?

We are unable to provide refunds as your fees go to cover the expenses of our show events.

If I pre-enter and then add more classes, what do I pay?

Whether you pre-registered, paid the all-day fee, or registered the day of the event, when adding a class the regular day rate will be applied.

Who can ride in Limited Adult?

Rider must have some type of limitation, such as new to the show arena or just returning to show arena, recent surgery or medical problem which prevents or alters riding of horse; age 60+ who does not lope. Those competing in Limited Adult may ride 2 handed. If you ride in limited adult, you cannot ride in regular adult.

Can a rider show on 2 horses?

Yes, but the points are kept on the one horse / one rider combination.

Can 2 riders show using the same horse?

Yes. They must work out which classes both can ride in using one horse, particularly if both riders are in the same age group.

Why must I declare a discipline?

If you are interested in earning high point awards or a buckle at the end of a series, you must declare a discipline. The points you earn in the Showmanship class will be added to your declared discipline. You may only win a high point in the discipline you have declared.

Is this a single show or a series?

Fall shows are normally not a series, spring shows normally are a 3 or 4 show series with an awards banquet to follow at a later date.

How do I qualify for a daily or series high point?

Using a single back number, declare a riding discipline and ride in ALL the classes for that discipline, and place well.

If I leave early, how can I get my award if I win one?

You must leave a note with the registration table with your name and number, and indicate who will pick up your prize for you

How are the points kept?

We use the six point system- class of 6 or more, 1st place gets 6 points; less that 6 in the class, the winner gets points for how many were in the class.

If I have a complaint or don't like something about the show, who do I go to?

There is a $25.00 protest fee which needs to be filed immediately. Show management will rule on the protest. If it just a concern, start at the registration table.

How are the age groups determined?

Primarily by the state 4-H rules, then by the committee.

When are pre-registrations due?

Pre-registrations must be received by the show secretary by midnight of the Wednesday prior to the show.

What are the rules, where do I find the rules, entry form, classes offered?

Rules, class lists, and entry forms can be found on our Forms Page.

Who can participate?

Any youth or adult that fits into our age requirements, see rules page. 4H membership is not required.

How can I rent a stall and hook-up?

There are no rentable stalls at the Sheriff's Posse. There are six "stalls" behind the chutes that can be used - first come first in - with a donation appreciated. They do have a few hook-ups. $25 per night. Contact us for more information.