F.A.C.E. Program

Our continuing education program is in place. Get up to $250.00 in financial aid for a graduating senior.
Go to our Forms page to see, and download, the Application and requirements.

Buy- Sell- Trade

If you want to sell something, looking to buy something, or trade or give away something, E-Mail me and I will put it on our Web site for up to 30 days, or you let me know to delete it.
I will monitor the submissions for appropriateness, and we will limit the time to 30 days and will only take submissions from our 4-H members, their families and the folks who show  regularly with us.
We will not be able to show photos, but you can put your e-mail address in the ad and communicate that way.
Submit your items to me at-

NEW -Mar. 2, 2015- https://www.facebook.com/amy.johnsongillespie.7/posts/1020036515876885
Go to this link to see some show clothes for sale

District and State $$$ Support

For any of the Johnson County 4-H Horse members going to the District competition in Belton and for those who qualify to go to the State competition in Abilene-
The Horse Committee will help out with -
$50.00 for District and
$100.00 for state.

I will get the list of people going to each from the Extension Office. 
For District, I will get the list after the event and send the money to those who attended.
For State, I will get the list before the event and try to get you the money before the event.

John Robker

New 2012 Horse Validation Procedure

Go to the Forms page for the procedure