Hippology Team

Hippology is a part of the Johnson County Horse project that combines, Horse Judging, Horse Quiz Bowl and an overall knowledge about anything that is related to horses.

This contest is fairly new to Texas and to Johnson County and has become very competitive. There is a state competition for senior and junior teams, and individuals, that is usually held in August at a location to be announced. Teams of three or four members participate in horse evaluation, team problem, written exam, slide exam, and station phase. Many of the 4-H members have commented that this is one of the "most fun" horse contests that they participate in. The winning senior team goes on to compete in January in Denver at the National Western 4-H Horse Classic competition. Johnson County has had 3 teams qualify for the Denver competition in the last 5 years. All 3 teams placed among the top 10 finishers.

You do not need to own a horse to be on the judging team, the horse bowl team or the hippology team.

For more information please contact
Ed Bader at 817-447-1704
Nancy Hogg- 817-269-5574

Horse Judging Team

What is horse judging? Basically, it is learning to do what judges do at a horse show - placing the class. However, there is much more to learn than just how to place the class. While judging a horse at halter, we learn about conformation, balance, structural correctness, faults and blemishes. We also learn to evaluate the whole horse. Then we place the horse with the most positives at the top of the class. This is called evaluation and decision making, two very important life skills. We also learn to evaluate all the performance classes at a horse show and place the horses accordingly. It makes watching a horse show a much more pleasant experience.

Another great skill learned in horse judging is the ability to give oral reasons. The contestants take notes on a class and at the end of the contest go before a judge and give an orderly explanation of why they placed the class the way they did. This is public speaking at it's best! It is a valuable life skill. You can imagine the thoughts that go through a shy nine year old's mind about this task, but over the years they have all been able to do it and get better each time.

The horse judging program in Johnson County was started in 1988 by Ed Bader, who is still the coach to this day. The judgers are divided into two age groups: 13 and under, and 14 and up. Through hard work, trial and error, and dedication this program has grown into one of the most successful programs in the state. The team attends about 8 judging's throughout the state of Texas. These include Fort Worth, San Antonio, San Angelo and the Paint World show in Fort Worth to name a few. Johnson County teams have won all these contests at both the senior and junior levels. In addition to these judgings, Johnson County hosts it's own annual contest in January of each year.

Johnson County Horse Judging is open to anyone in 4H regardless of their talents or other interests. Our senior team has won all of the national contests over the years and consistently places in the top five when they don't take the grand prize home. Nationally, the Johnson County team is recognized as the team to beat at any of the local or national contests. It is fun, educational, and offers opportunities for travelling to new places and making new friends. There are several colleges that offer scholarships to judges interested in participating in their collegiate judging programs. Several of the judgings we attend give scholarships as awards. We have many members who have won thousands of dollars in scholarship money.
You do not have to own a horse to be on the Judging Team

For more information contact- Ed Bader at 817-447-1704
Shawna Short at 817-944-4292

Horse Quiz Bowl Team

This team activity helps 4-Hers increase their knowledge of horses and the Texas 4-H Horse Project.
Teams of three or four use a game show format where they buzz-in to answers to questions against another team. Questions have to do with anatomy, nutrition, genetics, reproduction, history and rules and regulations. This is a great part of the Johnson County 4-H Horse Project and Johnson County teams have always been very competitive and have excelled at the district, state, and national level.

You do not need to own a horse to be on the Judging Team, the Horse Bowl Team or the Hippology Team.

Both the junior and senior teams compete at the San Antonio Livestock and Expo contest in February every year. A scholarship has been offered at the San Antonio contest to the winning senior team for the last 6 years.

For more information contact- Robin Hardin at 817-933-0970