The History of the Horse Program in Cleburne, Texas

The horse committee was formed back in 1990-1991 as a result of several people having an interest in establishing a 4-H Horse program in the county. Prior to that time there was no organized 4-H horse activity in the county, no horse shows, no judging team, no clinics, only scattered club activities. When this interest came up, Ed Bader, through the advice of the JC Booster Club and others, approached the JC Youth Fair Committee about adding horse activities to the county youth fair. The idea was rejected because they said their insurance would become too expensive due to the dangerous nature of horse activities. It was suggested by the county agent at that time, Bob Harrington, to organize a JC 4-H Horse Committee.

The program started with one county qualifying show for the year to where we now offer two clinic/show combinations and a judging team show in the fall (that includes our famous Halloween costume class), winter ride nights with limited instruction, at the Posse Arena in Jan., Feb., and March, and four spring shows designed to help prepare the kids that want to go on to District and State competition, and our county awards and recognition banquet in June, we now have a full schedule.
The committee also sponsors and helps support the Horse Judging team, the Horse Bowl team and the Hippology team as non horse learning activities.

The Horse Committtee is open to anyone interested in the counties 4-H horse activities. We meet on the last Monday night of each month at 7:00 at the United Coop meeting room on north Main st.. Unless there is a special need we do not meet in June, July, November, and December. We look forward to new ideas and programs that we may not have thought of, and we do set the rules and requirements for our counties activities.

Our Objectives

The main objective of the horse committee has always been to provide the best educational training and life lessons we can. The programs, formats, schedules, and people have changed over the years, but the goal remains the same. The committee tries to schedule and coordinate the counties 4-H horse activities so that every child from 9 to 19 has a safe environment to grow up with their horse in.

Dumb and Dumbers

We have been very fortunate over the years to have had the consistent support of several parents whose children have gone through the 4-H program. Those children have grown up and gone on to manage their own lives and families, but the horse program still remains for those children who show a passion for riding.

Ed Bader, John Robker and Guyann Gaines have been in the the 4-H program for many years and remain some of the most dedicated people throughout all the shows and judging. Over the years, we have also managed to add Judy Lang, Mitzi Nichols and to our group and know that we would be nowhere without the support from many of our active parents that contribute at every show.
If you are interested in contributing what you have to offer as a volunteer in our horse program, come to our committee meetings to meet us and see what we are all about.

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John Robker


Announces show commands and class placings, general straw boss, committee chairman

Guyann Gaines

Show secretary and manager, Registration Table, committee secretary

Takes in show entry forms, coordinates entries to class participation, tracts hi-point placings, monitors entry forms for accuracy and eligibility

Ed Bader- Judging team leader

Trail Set Up Crew- Helps set up trail course, general straw boss

Rhonda Huff

Registration table

Nancy Hogg

Catch All

Kristy Price

Hippology team leader

Vickie Money

Ring Steward

Robin Hardin

Quiz Bowl leader

Melinda Clark

Our Volunteers

Melinda Clark

Ron Deadman

Our Volunteers